Manhattan Shadows

Rats, Moss and Boom

Burning Bridges

You got a call at a reasonably decent hour, for a change. When you answered, it was your old pal Peaceman, and he had a job offer. Meet Mr. Johnson at the Inara Indian restaurant in Brooklyn, at for lunch the next day.

Turning up, you noticed that the local protection gang, the Sainted Bastards were a bit nervous, and this seemed to project onto the restaurant’s dwarven owner Anuj. He offered good food at a good price, but before the team could seat and order, he noticed the sword that Khellian was carrying, and instead motioned them into the back storeroom, saying “Man here for your meeting already, back room. After you are done, come and eat.”

The meeting with the Johnson was somewhat unusual, clearly he had never done it before, as he tossed each of you 1,500 nuyen before he even started into his sales pitch. Just as well he did, as he wanted you to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the three remaining vehicle bridges that connect Manhattan to the mainland, and operated chiefly by Aztechnology.

He offered what everyone thought was a low price, but was negotiated up to 5,000 nuyen each, plus a bonus if they took out a caisson. He would even help out by supplying the explosives, from his company, KG Constructions. It didn’t take all that long to figure out the rest of the thing’s he wasn’t telling, namely that he was short on funds, and he had a better than average chance to get the rebuilding project, thanks to his husband’s brother sitting on the Brooklyn council.

After doing a through reconn of the Bridge, the team went down into the disused and ruined subways of Brooklyn, to see if you could access the caissons from underground. Apart from a devil rat attack and Weisse getting some minor infection from falling onto some of the faintly phosphorescent mold, you managed to find a decent spot.

Knowing that you would need some tools to get the explosives to the right spot, you broke into KG Constructions. Everything was going well, until Jeff Anderson (the Johnson’s husband) walked into the office to do some paperwork. Luckily, he was scared off, unluckily he called NYPD Inc on the way out, and given that the building was known to house explosive material, it wasn’t long before you heard sirens. Escaping quickly, you made off with the explosives, detonators and control boxes, along with a pair of small flying contruction drones, fitted with micro wielders, and some replacement tools for them.

Fitting the drill heads to the drones was easy, and after the holes were made, Wiesse oversaw the placement and arming of the bombs, whilst the others got hold of some cheap commlinks to relay the detonation command from the trigger units, to keep Weisse far away from the blast site, then gave him a time to detonate the explosives.

As Weisse waited, the others, using the rest of the explosives and some hacking from Bobby, loaded up a pair of the drones to take out the cables, and while they only got two of the three drones, Bobby crashed the last into the river, and sent the other two do perform their runs a little early.

The drones heavily damaged some of the support cables, and the bridge was closed, unfortunately a little early, as they couldn’t get to Weisse in time to detonate the underground explosives ahead of schedule, he blew the bridge when it was full of NYPD officers and a few structural engineers.

The team laid low for a day or so, then went to meet with their Johnson. Who, as it turned out had just been arrested by NYPD Inc for being responsible for the incident at the bridge. Peaceman was there instead, and he paid the team the remainder of their fees, and as he was leaving, and extremely beautiful and nice smelling woman showed up, thanked Bobby for his work, mentioned that more would be coming the team’s way, tossed over some more nuyen (1,500 each) and left. With the team having plenty of questions for their hacker.


Hedron Hedron

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