Manhattan Shadows

Prison Break

Then a murder

Connecting JackPoint VPN …
… Matrix Access ID Spoofed.
… Encryption Keys Generated.
… Connected to Onion Routers.
> Login
> Enter Passcode
… Biometric Scan Confirmed.
Connected to <error:>

’Sup Chummers,

So after a decently long discussion with the Loose Cannons, a plan was hatched to get into the Regulus Prison just outside of Europort.

Their plan was to fake a prisoner transfer, then to assault the prison using a helicopter when they land as a “prisoner transport” blow the walls off, then rescue Carella.

You decided there must be a more stealthy way to do it, and after a few Matrix searches, you came up with a local pharmaceutical company that would hopefully have in stock Neuro-Stun, in a quantity large enough to knock out the entire prison.

It was an incredibly easy heist, with Wraith, MC and Khelian walking out the facility with a large steel cask of the drug.

Luckily, or unluckily, when you started your attack run (Wraith, MC and Khelian leading in, with Trencher and Bobby playing overwatch) you encountered a dragonformed man shaped spirit, that proved impervious to your attacks, with MC partially fleeing in fear before Khelian managed to banish it.

Landing on the roof, you hooked up the canister to the air conditioning unit, and as you poured the compound into the prison, you noticed that a temperature gage on the canister was nearing a red line, making you believe that the drug may not have been viable.

Contacting Bobby over the comm, you had him hack the prison again, and he confirmed that apart from a heavily armoured man in a gas mask was the only one awake, you had him , och down the prison, then open the various doors remotely to get the unconscious Carella out the prison.

On your way out, you heard the sound of approaching helicopters. Fearing the guard that was still awake had alerted the off site security via PANICBUTTON, you summoned the Loose Cannons, who in their copter flew in, mini gun hanging out the door and ancient classical music blaring (which according to Bobby was on do with killing “Wabbits”, whatever they are). Climbing aboard, you left the prison behind,dodging the pursuing helicopters to escape to an abandoned tulip farm. There Carella gave you the name and a rough location of the man he fenced the Disc to.

Herrman Meyer, the name you were given, upon your arrival in Frankfurt, apparently had been recently murdered, quite brutally.

Denying any involvement, Aztechnology was helping with the investigation. You really didn’t believe that, but with Meyer dead, you once again hit a brick wall. Some Matrix searches and trickery later, you got yourselves employed for one night only to serve the pre-dinner cocktails at a function the society that Meyer was president of, the Faustian Society, one of the oldest magical groups in the world.

You are now surreptitiously searching the Manor for any sign of the Disc…..


Hedron Hedron

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