Manhattan Shadows

Off to Eurozone

Connecting JackPoint VPN
… Matrix Access ID Spoofed.
… Encryption Keys Generated.
… Connected to Onion Routers.
> Login
> Enter Passcode
… Biometric Scan Confimed.
Connected to <error:>

’Sup Chummers,

Look’s like you may be in the deep end again. Breaking into a prison? And a corporate one at that?

But I fear I’m skipping ahead…

It was a blustery Thursday in Seattle, though it was a quiet one as far as that goes in Seattle. The latest tempo riots were over, and you were just getting over the injuries you incurred on that last job, debating whether to ever go back to LA, when you received a call from your most recent employer, Jane “Frosty” Frost. She was apparently in the Maglev station in Seattle, going by the background noise, and she had a job for you.

“Meet Aaron Johnson at Club Infinity at 11pm”

Turning up to the club, you encountered an old friend, DJ Bijan, who was delighted to see you (and that you got out of Manhattan in one piece). While he didn’t know where Aaron was, he did direct you to one of the unusually pretty waitresses, who directed you to the Blue Room, a moderately secure room.

There, you met with the Johnson, who some of you recognised as Ehren the Scribe, a former Tir Tairngire prince. He gave you the job. Last year, he had something stolen for him from the Heraklion Museum. Unfortunately, the item he was interested in went missing in transit. He’s finally tracked down the location of the fixer he used to obtain the crew for the job, Hardy Wagner in Hamburg. The item, the Phaistos Disc was your ultimate target.

After securing a plane to fly to Europe, you spent some time tracking down Wagner, whom you located via his “assistant” Jan. After defeating a mercenary ambush, you located Wagner, and after some not so subtle persuasion, convinced him to give up the crew he used.

After you flew with him to Europort (old Rotterdam), he gave you two names, Malcolm and the Loose Cannons.

After negoitating with the somewhat unstable Widget, the current leader of the Loose Cannons, you discovered where Malcolm was being held, a medium security prison run by the Regulus Corp. They are eager to break him out, but there may be a more subtle solution.


Hedron Hedron

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