Manhattan Shadows


Ready, Set, Gogh

It was a cold March day, when you received a call to meet a Johnson at the Marquee Club on the island.

Getting there was easy, as was getting into the club, thanks to a codeword, “Vincent”. Unfortunately, that was the easy part of the meet. With the noise and crowd, the Johnson had to pull out an old style Cyberdeck, though modernised with Trodes, and conducted the meeting through that.

The job, steal from the Museum of Modern Art. The target, Starry Night. No, not that Starry Night, the new transgenic art piece by Hanso Mach, a collection of genetically modified and “trained” fish, that swims a maze in their metre sized tank that shows sections of the famous Van Gogh piece at regular intervals.

Your plan was straight forward, scope the museum, acquire some high quality trideo of the tank, then swap out the tank for a custom one with a holo projector in the bottom, playing a loop of the recorded trideo to give the illusion the piece was real.

The heist went off without a hitch. Bobby, the teams computer expert, rigged the system and diverted the guards, while Wraith and MC, the stealth expert and the negotiator headed in under an invisibility spell and did the swap, while Khellian went to see if they could disable the hard-linked panic button. Discovering that the door to the comms equipment was locked, and that the stealth expert was upstairs dropping the valuable art piece to the floor, Khellian returned to the van, wondering why he didn’t go with MC, as he could have leviated the piece easily, and Wraith could have picked the lock.

Delivering the piece to the Johnson, and on their way back to returning the loaned van, they were told to pull off the road by Ieto Hong, the head of security for the Manhattan office of Horizon.

There, he offered a new job to the team. Break into the Johnson’s house and steal back Starry Night, and return it to the museum. In addition, steal two more pieces of art, Perpetual Magic and Tribble.

Quickly stopping off at a pet store and aquiring some items, the team got past the ridiculously inept guards on the Johnson’s house, and removed the requested items, leaving in their place a goldfish (for Starry Night), a hamster (for the Tribble), and the old analogue wall clock from the pet store in the place of Perpetual Magic.

Feeling immensely pleased with themselves, the party returned Starry Night to MoMA, scaring the daylights out of the head of security, saying the theft had been a test, extracting a promise from him to beef up the security system, and then dropped off the other two artworks to an orphanage in Hell’s Kitchen, getting them huge thanks, and several offers of kids to adopt.

A strange night to be sure, but at least you got paid


Hedron Hedron

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