Manhattan Shadows

Adventure through space and time

Connecting JackPoint VPN
… Matrix Access ID Spoofed.
… Encryption Keys Generated.
… Connected to Onion Routers.
> Login
> Enter Passcode
… Biometric Scan Confirmed.
Connected to <error:>

’Sup Chummers,

During the shindig at the Faustian Manor, you managed to locate a secret room, behind of all things, a bookcase. After travelling down a spiral staircase, you found what could only be described as a summoning chamber. There, in a glass case in a locked (sort-of) cupboard, you found the Phaistos Disc, along with some rare books and a fancy looking commlink.

After trying to escape with the goods, and setting off some alarms, you made it out with the Phaistos Disk.

When you handed it over to Frosty, she examined it, and to your dismay, she said it was a fake, though for some reason it had a small chip of the original Disc embedded in it.

With Khellian’s help, she performed a locating ritual, removing the neckalce that was hiding and dampening her magic. Khellian experienced the best light show ever, as he saw parts of Africa and Europe twinkling like stars, including Frankfurt. He then zoomed off towards eastern europe, following a trail of light through to a valley that had four step pyramids, with a huge beacon of light in the centre of the four.

After having a brief bout of unconsciousness, during which Bobby played “rearrange the limbs” with Khellian’s body, he told everyone what he saw. After a brief search of the Matrix, you worked out that you needed to go to Sarajevo, which once again, it was in the middle of a civil war (an event that occurs once every 3 decades or so).

Piling into the rented plane, you flew to Sarajevo, landed and talked your way into getting a jeep. You also managed to have your plane fully fueled and repaired for free, after MC tinkered with the cockpit controls. Despite the local maintenance, the co-pilot’s chair still won’t go up and down.

Travelling through the war torn country side, you noticed more and more Aztech trucks and personnel, and you were firmly turned back at one of their checkpoints. You then went off road, navigated your way to the pyramids, then sent Khellian down to have a look around.

Despite the Astral Shallow, that allowed the non-Awakened to see briefly into the Astral Plane (a fact that was causing some issues to the archaeologists working the site), Khellian managed to find the command tent, where he saw a somewhat plain looking woman discussing tactics and troop deployment with a jaguar headed, 2.5 meter tall man, that also had cats paws for hands and reverse jointed feline legs. After finding nothing of real interest, apart from the sudden growth of the site, Khellian returned to the crew.

Waiting until nightfall, you then carefully infiltrated the pyramids, entering the Dragon Pyramid, and negotiating your way trough the descending tunnels, which seemed to stop all your tech working, though you could see, and the tunnel seemed to drop far too deep underground, when it suddenly levelled out.

This is where it got strange. All of a sudden, you started to leave your bodies, and enter a strange sunlit, ivy covered tunnel, instead of the carved stone you were in before.

Leaving the Trencher to cover your bodies (he doesn’t like that sort of thing) who then built a small (for a Troll) gun nest in the tunnel, the rest of you proceeded into the ivy tunnel, sans your material form.

After a short trip, you found yourself in a sunlit grove in the middle of a forest, with three similar tunnels leading off of it. In the centre of the grove was a neolithic style table, on which in a elegant wire cage sat the Phaistos Disc (which was exceptionally strange, as the disc is supposed to be only a couple of thousand years old, not the twelve that the Aztech archaeologists indicated the pyramids were)..

Guarding the disc were a pair of elves, one male, one female, who after mentioning the word sacrifice a few times, put Bobby on edge. Wanting to get out, he went for the Disc, after which things went really wrong. Firstly, bone spurs shot out from the elves, and they lunged at Bobby, who luckily got out of the way. After shooting at them and not inflicting any harm, Wraith started to play Road Runner to the elves Coyote, and tried to keep them following him.

He was only moderately successful, as Khellian went down with a ulna in his chest, flung from the arm of the female elf. After lightly wounding one with a spell, MC knocked himself out, though Bobby eventually twigged to the sacrifice part of the somewhat loose conversation before, cut himself, and hurt the spirits badly.

Once every had hurt themselves, and the spirits were banished, Bobby secreted the DIsc, and after several tries, Kheliian managed to lead everyone back to their meat sacks, and the crew then bugged out.

Returning to Frosty at the airport, you left Sarajevo to head back to Seattle. As your plane took off, you saw Samriel watching you with those creepy flat silver eyes of his, leading to to question: how the hell does he keep showing up?

Back in Seattle, Frosty paid you up, and you went your separate ways.


Hedron Hedron

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