Manhattan Shadows

To Lagos

After a month of hiding out in Seattle, and being thoroughly miserable, the whole time missing regular power and water, when the contact who set you up in this little piece of heaven, gave you a call.

He managed to set up a paying job for you, which after the mess that was Manhattan, would hopefully get you out of the hovel you’re currently in. It sounded good, too the offer, as the meet with the Johnson was going to take place in a swanky restaurant.

Meeting up with the Johnson, a fairly attractive brunette Elf woman, who insisted that you call her Jane.

The job she offered seemed good, at the start of the pitch, help her retrieve an item that was stolen from her employer, an ancient sextant. The pay, reasonable, with a per diem as well, and a portion of the finders fee, sounded great.

Then the other shoe dropped. The thief had disappeared off to Lagos, one of the most feral cities on the face of the world. Luckily, Jane’s employer was footing the transport bill, so after a quick visit to the doctor for some vaccinations and some medkits, you made your way to SeaTac, and hopped on a fairly nice private plane, bound for Cairo.

In Cairo, you changed planes for a smaller, cargo plane, and after a short hop to one of the smaller Nigerian airports, you met with your pilot who would ultimately take you to Lagos. His name, Innocent Dobiri, seemed a alright sort, however, his plane looked to be pre-Matrix, as in over 50 years old.

It somehow got you to Lagos, where after negotiating the mess of Lagosian traffic, then getting used to the smell and horrific sights of the city, you checked in what was called a “safe” hotel. Admittedly, it was clean, and the vermin is kept under control by in room lizards, but it somehow managed to make you miss the dump in Seattle.

After exploring the town, you eventually found a man by the name of Kayin, who may have info for you. However, like all things, this would cost you. It seemed simple as well. Go into a part of town that the locals avoid (due to VITAS, HMMHV and other nasties) and retrieve a old statue.

Getting into the area was easy, most of the old suburb was surrounded by a rough wall made of the local refuse, and badly cemented into place and all of the guards were paying more attention to the area contained then out into the rest of the city.

Exploring into the area, it seemed to be going well, until a pack of ghouls, aided by a pair of Toxic Spirits, attacked. The situation wasn’t helped when the Awakened runners found that their powers weren’t working quite to their full effect. After a tense battle, during which Bobby and Khellian got burned by a acid ball, the runner’s retrieved the statue and returned it to Kayin.

He then arranged for you to get into a private, pre-auction viewing of the Oni of Yoruba’s art collection, saying that if anyone has the sextant, it could be there.

During the viewing, while you didn’t see the sextant, you did spot the thief, Samriel, and you discovered an interesting item. The Piri Reis map, thought lost for the last 30 years. Jane contacted her (and your ultimate) employer, she changed the job. Clearly, as the sextant isn’t here, and the Piri Reis map is, her employer wants it. She offered you more money, which you agreed to.

During the night, a thief stole an item from the Oni. Given that you needed a way into the auction, Jane suggested that you track down this thief.

You headed back to Lagos, to catch the thief.


Hedron Hedron

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