Manhattan Shadows

T2: Judgement


Sup Chummers

Unfortunately there’s been a glitch, and your job reporting site got jacked. Bad news is, the last couple of runs ain’t been logged. Good news is, the last couple of runs ain’t been logged.

This time around, you met with a old Ares fixer from the sprawl that is Denver, Mr Johnson. He met you in a really high class restaurant, and fed you real meat and veggies. Bobby thought something big was up, (or you weren’t getting paid), but it was nice anyway.

The job: retrieve some Ares’ property that had gone missing. The item in question, a prototype drone known as the TALOS, that had been stolen/broken out during a raid on Scientia labs some weeks ago. Nice pay, short hours (hopefully), so you accepted the job.

It wasn’t that easy in the end. No one’s contacts had any real idea where the blasted thing had disappeared to after it left the Labs, but eventually you tracked down the greasy teen that spotted something he called the “Bronx Monster”, which sounded enough like the TALOS to warrant further investigations. At the same time, Bobby, Khelian and The Trencher found that the Terminal/IUnderground groups were nervous. Nothing specific that they could gather intel on, but definately something.

Shortly after M.C and Wraith left the diner where the teen worked as a cook, the team was called into a quick cafe meeting with Ieto Hong, Horizon’s chief security guy in Manhattan.

Apparently, Phrex, a young AI had walked it’s way out the door of it’s lab “prison”, coincidentally on the same night as the TALOS escaped. in the same building as the TALOS was being kept, but on a different floor. Hong wanted the team to download the AI into a nexus that he handed over once you accepted the job.

Some more sleuthing work later, you managed to find the home of a young woman how had, of all things, a fairly long discussion with the TALOS. This being unusual as most people that had encountered the TALOS ended up in several small pieces, fit for a ghoul’s fondue set.

After having a talk with the young lady, Wraith got a large headache, but managed to help the team find an old hangout of the young lady and her fiance, where they talked Phrex into leaving the TALOS drone and entering the nexus. Given that it appeared in the center of the group, the team did well not to open fire immediately. Having got Phrex and some data, they contacted their Johnsons for each job, and got paid, with several questions hanging over M.C, who turned up to the area late, with a stab wound….


Hedron Hedron

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