Manhattan Shadows

A new and concluding mission



Connection restored, welcome runners

Due to an unfortunate Matrix glitch, we have lost some of your status updates.

Here’s the latest:

You managed to retrieve the Piri Reis map from Lagos, and made a buttload of cash for it with Jane.

She showed up again a week or two later, not looking too well, and offered you a new job. She, or rather her employer, had figured out who stole the original artifact, and she had even figured out how to use the map to track the artifact.

Guess what, she had tracked it to Chicago, the home of the bug spirits. Apparently, the thief thought that hiding in a post-apocalyptic wasteland invested with unknown spirit creatures was a good idea.

You followed, and after a bloody encounter with some bug hybrids yourself, in which Wraith took a serious (and near life-threatening throat wound), you managed to chase the thief who you identified as Sonora, or as several of the team put it Gloria Estefan, a classical artist of some renown from Chicago to Denver, the city of five countries.

There, you managed to dodge the dragon, and learn the location of Sonora’s next ride. unfortunately, you just missed her, but managed to learn where she was headed, San Bernardino, a semi-ruined town built near the edge of the more recent Deep Lacuna.

There, in what you thought was a safehouse, you where attacked by not just one of the loacl biker gangs, the Burning Angels, but by a pair of Cuacuahtin (Eagle warriors) as well. Subduing the bikers, and after questioning, killing the Eagles, you discovered the location of Sonora, and evidently, her employer, Itztli.

Itztli, a powerful blood Mage and his cronies were hidden in a cave in the Deep Lacuna, ready to take the Sextant of to Aztlan. After an epic fight, you recovered the Sextant and handed it over to Frost.

You now (hopefully) have some time off to recover and prep for the next mission…


Hedron Hedron

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