Manhattan Shadows

The love shack, baby

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After the madness of Hong Kong, where you retrieved the (as you later learned) half of the Compass, you tracked the chain to Karavan, the massive mobile city of the old Silk Road.

There, you wandered the place finding out how careful you had to be giving things to people, until you encountered a young lady called Yasamin, near the tribe camp of the Seljukok, who dragged Bobby off to see the Sultana of the tribe, who happened to be her mother.

There, after some bargaining with the Sultana, Bobby found himself married to Yasamin, and the prospective new leader of the Seljukok when the Sultana passes on.

After a few days of learning about the tribe, and the location of the chain that you were searching for, you got an invite to the Kisilkristal tribe’s airship, to celebrate the union of Bobby to Yasamin.

There, during a swanky formal dinner, you found Frosty, who was for some unnamed reason travelling incognito to the Caspian Sea. While she acknowledged you, she didn’t talk with you properly until after the dinner, during which you had a strange conversation with a small group of Japanese businessmen from the Yakashima Corporation.

After the meal, you returned to the cabin you had been provided, and when Frosty turned up a few minutes later, you caught her up on your mission status.

Before you could get out from her the details of why she was here, there was a gunshot from above.

Frosty took off towards the sound, and after gathering your gear, you chased off after her.

In the maintenance decks, you found one of the crewmen bleeding out, and Frosty staring down five… ninjas. Before she could do more than sling off a badass speech at them, one of them triggered a concealed charge, blowing a hole through the hull and dropping Frosty out.

Wraith and Trencher managed to pull the fuming Frosty back into the airship, however the ninjas managed to escape with the chain, however not before one was captured by the Trencher.

Adventure through space and time

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’Sup Chummers,

During the shindig at the Faustian Manor, you managed to locate a secret room, behind of all things, a bookcase. After travelling down a spiral staircase, you found what could only be described as a summoning chamber. There, in a glass case in a locked (sort-of) cupboard, you found the Phaistos Disc, along with some rare books and a fancy looking commlink.

After trying to escape with the goods, and setting off some alarms, you made it out with the Phaistos Disk.

When you handed it over to Frosty, she examined it, and to your dismay, she said it was a fake, though for some reason it had a small chip of the original Disc embedded in it.

With Khellian’s help, she performed a locating ritual, removing the neckalce that was hiding and dampening her magic. Khellian experienced the best light show ever, as he saw parts of Africa and Europe twinkling like stars, including Frankfurt. He then zoomed off towards eastern europe, following a trail of light through to a valley that had four step pyramids, with a huge beacon of light in the centre of the four.

After having a brief bout of unconsciousness, during which Bobby played “rearrange the limbs” with Khellian’s body, he told everyone what he saw. After a brief search of the Matrix, you worked out that you needed to go to Sarajevo, which once again, it was in the middle of a civil war (an event that occurs once every 3 decades or so).

Piling into the rented plane, you flew to Sarajevo, landed and talked your way into getting a jeep. You also managed to have your plane fully fueled and repaired for free, after MC tinkered with the cockpit controls. Despite the local maintenance, the co-pilot’s chair still won’t go up and down.

Travelling through the war torn country side, you noticed more and more Aztech trucks and personnel, and you were firmly turned back at one of their checkpoints. You then went off road, navigated your way to the pyramids, then sent Khellian down to have a look around.

Despite the Astral Shallow, that allowed the non-Awakened to see briefly into the Astral Plane (a fact that was causing some issues to the archaeologists working the site), Khellian managed to find the command tent, where he saw a somewhat plain looking woman discussing tactics and troop deployment with a jaguar headed, 2.5 meter tall man, that also had cats paws for hands and reverse jointed feline legs. After finding nothing of real interest, apart from the sudden growth of the site, Khellian returned to the crew.

Waiting until nightfall, you then carefully infiltrated the pyramids, entering the Dragon Pyramid, and negotiating your way trough the descending tunnels, which seemed to stop all your tech working, though you could see, and the tunnel seemed to drop far too deep underground, when it suddenly levelled out.

This is where it got strange. All of a sudden, you started to leave your bodies, and enter a strange sunlit, ivy covered tunnel, instead of the carved stone you were in before.

Leaving the Trencher to cover your bodies (he doesn’t like that sort of thing) who then built a small (for a Troll) gun nest in the tunnel, the rest of you proceeded into the ivy tunnel, sans your material form.

After a short trip, you found yourself in a sunlit grove in the middle of a forest, with three similar tunnels leading off of it. In the centre of the grove was a neolithic style table, on which in a elegant wire cage sat the Phaistos Disc (which was exceptionally strange, as the disc is supposed to be only a couple of thousand years old, not the twelve that the Aztech archaeologists indicated the pyramids were)..

Guarding the disc were a pair of elves, one male, one female, who after mentioning the word sacrifice a few times, put Bobby on edge. Wanting to get out, he went for the Disc, after which things went really wrong. Firstly, bone spurs shot out from the elves, and they lunged at Bobby, who luckily got out of the way. After shooting at them and not inflicting any harm, Wraith started to play Road Runner to the elves Coyote, and tried to keep them following him.

He was only moderately successful, as Khellian went down with a ulna in his chest, flung from the arm of the female elf. After lightly wounding one with a spell, MC knocked himself out, though Bobby eventually twigged to the sacrifice part of the somewhat loose conversation before, cut himself, and hurt the spirits badly.

Once every had hurt themselves, and the spirits were banished, Bobby secreted the DIsc, and after several tries, Kheliian managed to lead everyone back to their meat sacks, and the crew then bugged out.

Returning to Frosty at the airport, you left Sarajevo to head back to Seattle. As your plane took off, you saw Samriel watching you with those creepy flat silver eyes of his, leading to to question: how the hell does he keep showing up?

Back in Seattle, Frosty paid you up, and you went your separate ways.

Prison Break
Then a murder

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’Sup Chummers,

So after a decently long discussion with the Loose Cannons, a plan was hatched to get into the Regulus Prison just outside of Europort.

Their plan was to fake a prisoner transfer, then to assault the prison using a helicopter when they land as a “prisoner transport” blow the walls off, then rescue Carella.

You decided there must be a more stealthy way to do it, and after a few Matrix searches, you came up with a local pharmaceutical company that would hopefully have in stock Neuro-Stun, in a quantity large enough to knock out the entire prison.

It was an incredibly easy heist, with Wraith, MC and Khelian walking out the facility with a large steel cask of the drug.

Luckily, or unluckily, when you started your attack run (Wraith, MC and Khelian leading in, with Trencher and Bobby playing overwatch) you encountered a dragonformed man shaped spirit, that proved impervious to your attacks, with MC partially fleeing in fear before Khelian managed to banish it.

Landing on the roof, you hooked up the canister to the air conditioning unit, and as you poured the compound into the prison, you noticed that a temperature gage on the canister was nearing a red line, making you believe that the drug may not have been viable.

Contacting Bobby over the comm, you had him hack the prison again, and he confirmed that apart from a heavily armoured man in a gas mask was the only one awake, you had him , och down the prison, then open the various doors remotely to get the unconscious Carella out the prison.

On your way out, you heard the sound of approaching helicopters. Fearing the guard that was still awake had alerted the off site security via PANICBUTTON, you summoned the Loose Cannons, who in their copter flew in, mini gun hanging out the door and ancient classical music blaring (which according to Bobby was on do with killing “Wabbits”, whatever they are). Climbing aboard, you left the prison behind,dodging the pursuing helicopters to escape to an abandoned tulip farm. There Carella gave you the name and a rough location of the man he fenced the Disc to.

Herrman Meyer, the name you were given, upon your arrival in Frankfurt, apparently had been recently murdered, quite brutally.

Denying any involvement, Aztechnology was helping with the investigation. You really didn’t believe that, but with Meyer dead, you once again hit a brick wall. Some Matrix searches and trickery later, you got yourselves employed for one night only to serve the pre-dinner cocktails at a function the society that Meyer was president of, the Faustian Society, one of the oldest magical groups in the world.

You are now surreptitiously searching the Manor for any sign of the Disc…..

Off to Eurozone

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’Sup Chummers,

Look’s like you may be in the deep end again. Breaking into a prison? And a corporate one at that?

But I fear I’m skipping ahead…

It was a blustery Thursday in Seattle, though it was a quiet one as far as that goes in Seattle. The latest tempo riots were over, and you were just getting over the injuries you incurred on that last job, debating whether to ever go back to LA, when you received a call from your most recent employer, Jane “Frosty” Frost. She was apparently in the Maglev station in Seattle, going by the background noise, and she had a job for you.

“Meet Aaron Johnson at Club Infinity at 11pm”

Turning up to the club, you encountered an old friend, DJ Bijan, who was delighted to see you (and that you got out of Manhattan in one piece). While he didn’t know where Aaron was, he did direct you to one of the unusually pretty waitresses, who directed you to the Blue Room, a moderately secure room.

There, you met with the Johnson, who some of you recognised as Ehren the Scribe, a former Tir Tairngire prince. He gave you the job. Last year, he had something stolen for him from the Heraklion Museum. Unfortunately, the item he was interested in went missing in transit. He’s finally tracked down the location of the fixer he used to obtain the crew for the job, Hardy Wagner in Hamburg. The item, the Phaistos Disc was your ultimate target.

After securing a plane to fly to Europe, you spent some time tracking down Wagner, whom you located via his “assistant” Jan. After defeating a mercenary ambush, you located Wagner, and after some not so subtle persuasion, convinced him to give up the crew he used.

After you flew with him to Europort (old Rotterdam), he gave you two names, Malcolm and the Loose Cannons.

After negoitating with the somewhat unstable Widget, the current leader of the Loose Cannons, you discovered where Malcolm was being held, a medium security prison run by the Regulus Corp. They are eager to break him out, but there may be a more subtle solution.

A new and concluding mission



Connection restored, welcome runners

Due to an unfortunate Matrix glitch, we have lost some of your status updates.

Here’s the latest:

You managed to retrieve the Piri Reis map from Lagos, and made a buttload of cash for it with Jane.

She showed up again a week or two later, not looking too well, and offered you a new job. She, or rather her employer, had figured out who stole the original artifact, and she had even figured out how to use the map to track the artifact.

Guess what, she had tracked it to Chicago, the home of the bug spirits. Apparently, the thief thought that hiding in a post-apocalyptic wasteland invested with unknown spirit creatures was a good idea.

You followed, and after a bloody encounter with some bug hybrids yourself, in which Wraith took a serious (and near life-threatening throat wound), you managed to chase the thief who you identified as Sonora, or as several of the team put it Gloria Estefan, a classical artist of some renown from Chicago to Denver, the city of five countries.

There, you managed to dodge the dragon, and learn the location of Sonora’s next ride. unfortunately, you just missed her, but managed to learn where she was headed, San Bernardino, a semi-ruined town built near the edge of the more recent Deep Lacuna.

There, in what you thought was a safehouse, you where attacked by not just one of the loacl biker gangs, the Burning Angels, but by a pair of Cuacuahtin (Eagle warriors) as well. Subduing the bikers, and after questioning, killing the Eagles, you discovered the location of Sonora, and evidently, her employer, Itztli.

Itztli, a powerful blood Mage and his cronies were hidden in a cave in the Deep Lacuna, ready to take the Sextant of to Aztlan. After an epic fight, you recovered the Sextant and handed it over to Frost.

You now (hopefully) have some time off to recover and prep for the next mission…

To Lagos

After a month of hiding out in Seattle, and being thoroughly miserable, the whole time missing regular power and water, when the contact who set you up in this little piece of heaven, gave you a call.

He managed to set up a paying job for you, which after the mess that was Manhattan, would hopefully get you out of the hovel you’re currently in. It sounded good, too the offer, as the meet with the Johnson was going to take place in a swanky restaurant.

Meeting up with the Johnson, a fairly attractive brunette Elf woman, who insisted that you call her Jane.

The job she offered seemed good, at the start of the pitch, help her retrieve an item that was stolen from her employer, an ancient sextant. The pay, reasonable, with a per diem as well, and a portion of the finders fee, sounded great.

Then the other shoe dropped. The thief had disappeared off to Lagos, one of the most feral cities on the face of the world. Luckily, Jane’s employer was footing the transport bill, so after a quick visit to the doctor for some vaccinations and some medkits, you made your way to SeaTac, and hopped on a fairly nice private plane, bound for Cairo.

In Cairo, you changed planes for a smaller, cargo plane, and after a short hop to one of the smaller Nigerian airports, you met with your pilot who would ultimately take you to Lagos. His name, Innocent Dobiri, seemed a alright sort, however, his plane looked to be pre-Matrix, as in over 50 years old.

It somehow got you to Lagos, where after negotiating the mess of Lagosian traffic, then getting used to the smell and horrific sights of the city, you checked in what was called a “safe” hotel. Admittedly, it was clean, and the vermin is kept under control by in room lizards, but it somehow managed to make you miss the dump in Seattle.

After exploring the town, you eventually found a man by the name of Kayin, who may have info for you. However, like all things, this would cost you. It seemed simple as well. Go into a part of town that the locals avoid (due to VITAS, HMMHV and other nasties) and retrieve a old statue.

Getting into the area was easy, most of the old suburb was surrounded by a rough wall made of the local refuse, and badly cemented into place and all of the guards were paying more attention to the area contained then out into the rest of the city.

Exploring into the area, it seemed to be going well, until a pack of ghouls, aided by a pair of Toxic Spirits, attacked. The situation wasn’t helped when the Awakened runners found that their powers weren’t working quite to their full effect. After a tense battle, during which Bobby and Khellian got burned by a acid ball, the runner’s retrieved the statue and returned it to Kayin.

He then arranged for you to get into a private, pre-auction viewing of the Oni of Yoruba’s art collection, saying that if anyone has the sextant, it could be there.

During the viewing, while you didn’t see the sextant, you did spot the thief, Samriel, and you discovered an interesting item. The Piri Reis map, thought lost for the last 30 years. Jane contacted her (and your ultimate) employer, she changed the job. Clearly, as the sextant isn’t here, and the Piri Reis map is, her employer wants it. She offered you more money, which you agreed to.

During the night, a thief stole an item from the Oni. Given that you needed a way into the auction, Jane suggested that you track down this thief.

You headed back to Lagos, to catch the thief.

Time to leave the Apple
Elevator Ride to Hell

So Chummers, you royally screwed it this time.

After waking up in a strange place, with none of your gear, dressed in second-hand hospital gowns, and sharing a bedroom with a bound 13 y/o schoolgirl, you decided to work out what the hell was going on.

Before you could get very far, two FBI agents burst into the room, and between Trencher and Wraith, subdued them. Taking their things, you pulled back to a safehouse that Trencher knew about, and questioned the girl.

Her name was Isabelle (Izzy) Vittoria, and all she could give you was a name, Dr. Cage. Investigating the name, you wound up attacking a small crew of Neo-Anarchists who were guarding the good doctor in an abandoned theatre. Removing the guards from the location, you not only found Dr. Cage, but also all of your stuff.

Questioning the Doc, you found out that Izzy was none other than the daughter of Damian Knight, CEO of Ares Macrotechnology!

Apparently, Sid, a Neo-Anarchist leader, had found out this connection from the doctor, and kidnapped the girl in order to leverage Dominique Vittoria into giving him access to the Ares Tower on the MDC building. By chance, Dr. Cage had the Trid on, which showed Sid rallying the down-trodden of the Terminal district in front of the 8th Street Post Office.

Izzy identified the helicopter in the edge of the frame as the one that belongs to her mother, and realising (after all the blood and shooting was over) that what was happening wasn’t a game. Knowing that the runners wouldn’t work for free, Izzy offered them each 3000¥ and 300 shares of Ares stock.

Rushing to the immense Post Office on 8th, the runners talked their way past the Axeman Gangers guarding the place, and convinced the gangers leader, General Lee, that helping Sid was a bad idea.

This was reinforced by Dominique, being held hostage by the General, filled all present on Sid’s plan.

He was going to launch a Doom II attack on the city of Manhattan, an extremely potent bio-weapon that would kill most of Manhattan in a few days. The General release Dominique, then left, whilst Dominique berated her daughter for following runners around.

As they were there, when a DocWagon showed up for Dominique, she told the runners that to earn their pay, they were to stop Sid.

Commandeering the DocWagon chopper, she flew the team to the MDC, and landed them on the Ares Tower, thankfully not getting shot of the sky in the process. There the runners assaulted the platform where Sid was working and proceeded, with some difficulties experienced from Trencher, to defeat Sid’s goons.

Sid nearly got his bio-weapon set up, but was pushed back by the Trencher, and that’s when Sid changed into a dragon and flew away.

You collected your pay, though now you are persona no gratis in Manhattan, care of the corps and the Neo-Anarchists, you were given a contact name in Seattle got McClusky, and clearing your safehouses, you proceeded to do just that.

T2: Judgement

Sup Chummers

Unfortunately there’s been a glitch, and your job reporting site got jacked. Bad news is, the last couple of runs ain’t been logged. Good news is, the last couple of runs ain’t been logged.

This time around, you met with a old Ares fixer from the sprawl that is Denver, Mr Johnson. He met you in a really high class restaurant, and fed you real meat and veggies. Bobby thought something big was up, (or you weren’t getting paid), but it was nice anyway.

The job: retrieve some Ares’ property that had gone missing. The item in question, a prototype drone known as the TALOS, that had been stolen/broken out during a raid on Scientia labs some weeks ago. Nice pay, short hours (hopefully), so you accepted the job.

It wasn’t that easy in the end. No one’s contacts had any real idea where the blasted thing had disappeared to after it left the Labs, but eventually you tracked down the greasy teen that spotted something he called the “Bronx Monster”, which sounded enough like the TALOS to warrant further investigations. At the same time, Bobby, Khelian and The Trencher found that the Terminal/IUnderground groups were nervous. Nothing specific that they could gather intel on, but definately something.

Shortly after M.C and Wraith left the diner where the teen worked as a cook, the team was called into a quick cafe meeting with Ieto Hong, Horizon’s chief security guy in Manhattan.

Apparently, Phrex, a young AI had walked it’s way out the door of it’s lab “prison”, coincidentally on the same night as the TALOS escaped. in the same building as the TALOS was being kept, but on a different floor. Hong wanted the team to download the AI into a nexus that he handed over once you accepted the job.

Some more sleuthing work later, you managed to find the home of a young woman how had, of all things, a fairly long discussion with the TALOS. This being unusual as most people that had encountered the TALOS ended up in several small pieces, fit for a ghoul’s fondue set.

After having a talk with the young lady, Wraith got a large headache, but managed to help the team find an old hangout of the young lady and her fiance, where they talked Phrex into leaving the TALOS drone and entering the nexus. Given that it appeared in the center of the group, the team did well not to open fire immediately. Having got Phrex and some data, they contacted their Johnsons for each job, and got paid, with several questions hanging over M.C, who turned up to the area late, with a stab wound….

The Terminator

You got a call late in the evening from Mara, a low-level fixer who M.C had encountered before. She had a simple meet setup, login to the Matrix Bar known as the Moebius Strip, and talk to the Johnson in one of the private “nodes”.

Logging in via commlink, you managed to get the “key” to the private room where the meet was to take place from the stone golem barkeep, and headed in. In the room, the Johnson, a middle aged middle eastern man (or so his icon displayed him as), gestured for you all to have a seat.

Once you sat down, he outlined the job for you: break into Scientia Labs 5th floor, and harvest some data and retrieve some hardware, as part of a security system test.

Given the level of pay, and the time frame and the reduction in pay on a daily basis, you took the job eagerly. It seemed to easy. The Johnson had provided you with a delivery van to use as cover, and a schematic of the alarm panel to bypass. After a quick stop to get several cartons of low-grade toilet paper, and having someone scope out the place, you got into the building and up to the 5th floor easily.

In fact, until the guard change came up halfway through the job, it was going really well. Even with the Horizon guards now walking the floor, you managed to grab most of the things you were after, and MC grabbed the nexus you needed, when all hell broke lose.

Apparently, the 4th floor of Scientia was rented out by Ares, and they were doing some drone research. Unfortunately, at the same time your team was breaking into the Horizon floor, another team, lead by a ork called Headshot, was breaking into the Ares floor.

They apparently woke something up, which looked to all like a puppet from a century old film called the Terminator, though this one was built to be about 50% bigger and 100% meaner. Fortunately, the drone didn’t have most of it’s armament attached, however it caused plenty of havoc with it’s built in sword, taking down one of the Horizon guards and wounding MC. Given the new (and profitable) way out the drone created, MC and Wraith stopped to help the wounded Headshot, while Bobby looted the floor, coming away with some interesting data, while Khellian hit the elevator down to the docking bay where the delivery van was left.

Easily conning your way past the last guard, Bobby hid the nexi in the vans smuggling bay while Wraith loaded in Headshot, the the rest of the team, and beat a hasty retreat. After driving for a block or two, you let out Headshot, who told you to “keep yourselves in trouble”, before you called the Johnson to set up the drop off.

On route, you were attacked by a Knight Errant SWAT team, who did their best to arrest, then when that didn’t work, kill you, before being called away for an unknown reason.

Meeting the Johnson, you traded over the materials, and got paid, plus a bonus for the unfortunate interruption by the other team.

So much for the “milk run”

Rats, Moss and Boom
Burning Bridges

You got a call at a reasonably decent hour, for a change. When you answered, it was your old pal Peaceman, and he had a job offer. Meet Mr. Johnson at the Inara Indian restaurant in Brooklyn, at for lunch the next day.

Turning up, you noticed that the local protection gang, the Sainted Bastards were a bit nervous, and this seemed to project onto the restaurant’s dwarven owner Anuj. He offered good food at a good price, but before the team could seat and order, he noticed the sword that Khellian was carrying, and instead motioned them into the back storeroom, saying “Man here for your meeting already, back room. After you are done, come and eat.”

The meeting with the Johnson was somewhat unusual, clearly he had never done it before, as he tossed each of you 1,500 nuyen before he even started into his sales pitch. Just as well he did, as he wanted you to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the three remaining vehicle bridges that connect Manhattan to the mainland, and operated chiefly by Aztechnology.

He offered what everyone thought was a low price, but was negotiated up to 5,000 nuyen each, plus a bonus if they took out a caisson. He would even help out by supplying the explosives, from his company, KG Constructions. It didn’t take all that long to figure out the rest of the thing’s he wasn’t telling, namely that he was short on funds, and he had a better than average chance to get the rebuilding project, thanks to his husband’s brother sitting on the Brooklyn council.

After doing a through reconn of the Bridge, the team went down into the disused and ruined subways of Brooklyn, to see if you could access the caissons from underground. Apart from a devil rat attack and Weisse getting some minor infection from falling onto some of the faintly phosphorescent mold, you managed to find a decent spot.

Knowing that you would need some tools to get the explosives to the right spot, you broke into KG Constructions. Everything was going well, until Jeff Anderson (the Johnson’s husband) walked into the office to do some paperwork. Luckily, he was scared off, unluckily he called NYPD Inc on the way out, and given that the building was known to house explosive material, it wasn’t long before you heard sirens. Escaping quickly, you made off with the explosives, detonators and control boxes, along with a pair of small flying contruction drones, fitted with micro wielders, and some replacement tools for them.

Fitting the drill heads to the drones was easy, and after the holes were made, Wiesse oversaw the placement and arming of the bombs, whilst the others got hold of some cheap commlinks to relay the detonation command from the trigger units, to keep Weisse far away from the blast site, then gave him a time to detonate the explosives.

As Weisse waited, the others, using the rest of the explosives and some hacking from Bobby, loaded up a pair of the drones to take out the cables, and while they only got two of the three drones, Bobby crashed the last into the river, and sent the other two do perform their runs a little early.

The drones heavily damaged some of the support cables, and the bridge was closed, unfortunately a little early, as they couldn’t get to Weisse in time to detonate the underground explosives ahead of schedule, he blew the bridge when it was full of NYPD officers and a few structural engineers.

The team laid low for a day or so, then went to meet with their Johnson. Who, as it turned out had just been arrested by NYPD Inc for being responsible for the incident at the bridge. Peaceman was there instead, and he paid the team the remainder of their fees, and as he was leaving, and extremely beautiful and nice smelling woman showed up, thanked Bobby for his work, mentioned that more would be coming the team’s way, tossed over some more nuyen (1,500 each) and left. With the team having plenty of questions for their hacker.


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