Maximillian Sachs (The Trencher)

Face/Enforcer with a past.


Max is a young guy thats coped a double wammy in the outsider stakes; he’s an albino troll. He has pasty white translucent skin, fine pure white hair covers most of his body, especially in tufts between his dermal plates (usually died black on his head and face). Even his troll horns are white, curving back from his temples over behind his ears.

But sticking out like a white surrender flag is not the best thing for a runner’s survival chances, so Max has taken steps to cover up his albinoism. He makes use of Bio-Tattos and skin pigmentation to try and cover his genetic flaw. He has tinted his skin a deep red colour and has very common tribal patterns tattooed on his body from neck down. But even despite these augmentations he still suffers the affects of sunlight sensitive due to his albinoism, and tries to keep his exposure to a minimum as a result. He either tries to avoid daylight all together or covers up as much a possible if its unavoidable.


Max grew up in the Orc Underground of Seattle. Life was tough, even without the added handicap of being albino (School of Hard Knocks). He learned to survive using either of two tactics; charm or harm. He always tried to talk his way out of a tight squeeze in the first instance, and it often worked (First Impressions), but failing that, he’d just beat them to a pulp till he got what he wanted.

It didnt take long for the local mafia to notice this young tough troll. A local boxing trainer (Tony Agropolis), that did standover work for the mafia, was tasked to train and mould Max in the ways of the family business. Tony recognised the neccesary discipline and determination in Max and also the way he employed the muscle between his ears, before employing the ones on his arms, and so imediately started training him in his boxing school.

Not surprisingly Max became a rising star in the underground cash bouts fighting scene. He was the golden boy, raking in heaps of cash for his trainer, promoters, bookies, punters, and especially his mafia bosses (Fame (local)). But just as he was breaking into the big league of adults bouts, bipolar disorder cast a shadow over his fate (Bipolar). In the lead up to his national debut, he was on a manic high and readily agreed to fix the match for his bosses by guaranteeing that he would win the match by KOing his opponent in the 2nd round. On the day of the match he swung into a deep depresion, while he did get to the match, his performance was far from what was ordered by his bosses; he was KOed in the first round and lost the match. A lot of rich, powerful people in Seattle lost wads of serious hard cash that day (Big Regret).

After the bout Max recognised he needed to get out of Seattle ASAP, otherwise he’d be swimming with the fishies in Puget Sound wearing a pair of concrete boots by morning. He high-tailed it to Manhattan and gave running a go. His street knowledge, charming ways, toughness and indimidating presence, meant he slid into this line of work like a hand into a glove. He fell in with a likely group of runners and has stuck with them ever since, and they’ve stuck by him despite his mood swing and sometimes plainly odd behaviour.

Now Max finds himself heading back to Seattle after earning, a decidedly well deserved, bad reputation, by almost successfully helping a “dragon” wipeout the entire population of Manhattan (Bad Rep). He’s not proud of his actions that day, and would do things differently if he had the chance again.

Max wants to start a small boxing school back in Seattle, once he get there (Day Job). He hopes that, by training a few hot headed young trolls, he can help them avoid some of the costly mistakes he’s made in his own past.

Maximillian Sachs (The Trencher)

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