Marcus Calvan (Wraith)


Marcus just blends in. Average height and weight, with lightly tanned skin and blue eyes, he is completely unremarkable. This is just how he likes things and it is certainly an advantage in his line of work. Marcus has an comfortable apartment in Fort Lee.
Marcus is ex-special ops. He is “ex” because the government no longer has any real control over the police force or which laws it enforces.


Marcus applied for and was accepted into security work for Neonet almost straight out of college. His natural ability to blend in was recognised by a savvy recruiter. It was there that he met his future wife Jess. For a few years they were an average, happy couple, until Jess went missing. That was 4 years ago now and Marcus is driven to try and explain what happened to her. He suspects Neonet involvement, suspects that Jess uncovered something she wasn’t supposed to and that she was disappeared.
Acting on these suspicions Marcus began his own investigation of her disappearance, once it became clear the police could do nothing to resolve the case. Unfortunately Marcus was caught, but his boss simply sacked him instead of pressing charges. Marcus is thankful for that kindness but has never stopped looking for Jess.
Becoming a shadow runner happened literally as Marcus was walking out the door from Neonet for the last time, still carrying the contents of his locker. He was approached by a man who called himself “Mr Johnson” and offered some work “liberating” the contents of a safe from a drug lab. Mr Johnson was very honest and upfront, telling Marcus that the lab would be raided at 5am the following morning. Marcus had to get in, get the contents of the safe and get out before then. Mr Johnson explained that the corporate owners of the lab had decided they needed to shut it down and had organised the sting on their own facility. Mr Johnson argued that it made no sense for such a corporation to profit from such an activity.
Marcus can’t explain why but he jumped at the chance. Using his severance pay he acquired the equipment he needed (with Mr Johnson’s help) and did the job. The payoff from that one job was enough to convince him that a new career as a runner was for him. That and it gave him the chance to continue to search for Jess.

Marcus Calvan (Wraith)

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