Bobby Brixton

Good kid gone just a little bad


Bobby is 22, but probably looks even younger. Something he is willing to exploit if he needs to, so he dresses like a teen from a decent neighbourhood. When he wants to appear older, he dresses up a bit. Short brownish blonde hair and blue eyes, and 165cm tall, and slim. Caucasian, and fairly pale.


Bobby went from foster home to foster home all over upstate New York as a kid when he was lucky. More often than not, he found himself in institutions – orphanages even if they didn’t call them that. The people who ran these places were dedicated and kind enough but they just had too many kids to deal with and a quiet kid like Bobby who didn’t really cause trouble tended to fall into the cracks. Bobby didn’t mind this too much – as long as he had somewhere decent to sleep and enough to eat, he knew he was better off than a lot of other people. All Bobby knows of his parentage is that his father was supposedly a firefighter, maybe in New York City – and Bobby really respects the firebrigade, though not much else about the authorities.

Bobby’s saving grace was his performance on the New York State Regents Exams – a combination of hard work and natural ability. This got him out of overcrowded, low performing,high crime, basic schooling and into a high school that was actually adequate. He took every computer related course he could, and probably could have gone corporate, if he hadn’t blotted his copybook by running a system of changing grades for students who paid for the privilege and then deciding to actually manipulate the grades of somebody who tried to bully him into doing it to a level that made him look like some sort of once in a generation genius, effectively making the whole scam incredibly obvious – and leading to that boy – grandson of a mid-level executive at Winter Systems being expelled and tried for computer fraud. Bobby wound up blowing his final exams to divert suspicion away from himself – and it was enough to create just enough doubt to keep him from being charged as well. So now, he’s a Shadowrunner and he’s making his life as good as he can. He lives alone in a tiny efficiency apartment in Yonkers and for now that’s enough.

Bobby Brixton

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