Manhattan Shadows

Time to leave the Apple

Elevator Ride to Hell

So Chummers, you royally screwed it this time.

After waking up in a strange place, with none of your gear, dressed in second-hand hospital gowns, and sharing a bedroom with a bound 13 y/o schoolgirl, you decided to work out what the hell was going on.

Before you could get very far, two FBI agents burst into the room, and between Trencher and Wraith, subdued them. Taking their things, you pulled back to a safehouse that Trencher knew about, and questioned the girl.

Her name was Isabelle (Izzy) Vittoria, and all she could give you was a name, Dr. Cage. Investigating the name, you wound up attacking a small crew of Neo-Anarchists who were guarding the good doctor in an abandoned theatre. Removing the guards from the location, you not only found Dr. Cage, but also all of your stuff.

Questioning the Doc, you found out that Izzy was none other than the daughter of Damian Knight, CEO of Ares Macrotechnology!

Apparently, Sid, a Neo-Anarchist leader, had found out this connection from the doctor, and kidnapped the girl in order to leverage Dominique Vittoria into giving him access to the Ares Tower on the MDC building. By chance, Dr. Cage had the Trid on, which showed Sid rallying the down-trodden of the Terminal district in front of the 8th Street Post Office.

Izzy identified the helicopter in the edge of the frame as the one that belongs to her mother, and realising (after all the blood and shooting was over) that what was happening wasn’t a game. Knowing that the runners wouldn’t work for free, Izzy offered them each 3000¥ and 300 shares of Ares stock.

Rushing to the immense Post Office on 8th, the runners talked their way past the Axeman Gangers guarding the place, and convinced the gangers leader, General Lee, that helping Sid was a bad idea.

This was reinforced by Dominique, being held hostage by the General, filled all present on Sid’s plan.

He was going to launch a Doom II attack on the city of Manhattan, an extremely potent bio-weapon that would kill most of Manhattan in a few days. The General release Dominique, then left, whilst Dominique berated her daughter for following runners around.

As they were there, when a DocWagon showed up for Dominique, she told the runners that to earn their pay, they were to stop Sid.

Commandeering the DocWagon chopper, she flew the team to the MDC, and landed them on the Ares Tower, thankfully not getting shot of the sky in the process. There the runners assaulted the platform where Sid was working and proceeded, with some difficulties experienced from Trencher, to defeat Sid’s goons.

Sid nearly got his bio-weapon set up, but was pushed back by the Trencher, and that’s when Sid changed into a dragon and flew away.

You collected your pay, though now you are persona no gratis in Manhattan, care of the corps and the Neo-Anarchists, you were given a contact name in Seattle got McClusky, and clearing your safehouses, you proceeded to do just that.


Hedron Hedron

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