Manhattan Shadows

The Terminator


You got a call late in the evening from Mara, a low-level fixer who M.C had encountered before. She had a simple meet setup, login to the Matrix Bar known as the Moebius Strip, and talk to the Johnson in one of the private “nodes”.

Logging in via commlink, you managed to get the “key” to the private room where the meet was to take place from the stone golem barkeep, and headed in. In the room, the Johnson, a middle aged middle eastern man (or so his icon displayed him as), gestured for you all to have a seat.

Once you sat down, he outlined the job for you: break into Scientia Labs 5th floor, and harvest some data and retrieve some hardware, as part of a security system test.

Given the level of pay, and the time frame and the reduction in pay on a daily basis, you took the job eagerly. It seemed to easy. The Johnson had provided you with a delivery van to use as cover, and a schematic of the alarm panel to bypass. After a quick stop to get several cartons of low-grade toilet paper, and having someone scope out the place, you got into the building and up to the 5th floor easily.

In fact, until the guard change came up halfway through the job, it was going really well. Even with the Horizon guards now walking the floor, you managed to grab most of the things you were after, and MC grabbed the nexus you needed, when all hell broke lose.

Apparently, the 4th floor of Scientia was rented out by Ares, and they were doing some drone research. Unfortunately, at the same time your team was breaking into the Horizon floor, another team, lead by a ork called Headshot, was breaking into the Ares floor.

They apparently woke something up, which looked to all like a puppet from a century old film called the Terminator, though this one was built to be about 50% bigger and 100% meaner. Fortunately, the drone didn’t have most of it’s armament attached, however it caused plenty of havoc with it’s built in sword, taking down one of the Horizon guards and wounding MC. Given the new (and profitable) way out the drone created, MC and Wraith stopped to help the wounded Headshot, while Bobby looted the floor, coming away with some interesting data, while Khellian hit the elevator down to the docking bay where the delivery van was left.

Easily conning your way past the last guard, Bobby hid the nexi in the vans smuggling bay while Wraith loaded in Headshot, the the rest of the team, and beat a hasty retreat. After driving for a block or two, you let out Headshot, who told you to “keep yourselves in trouble”, before you called the Johnson to set up the drop off.

On route, you were attacked by a Knight Errant SWAT team, who did their best to arrest, then when that didn’t work, kill you, before being called away for an unknown reason.

Meeting the Johnson, you traded over the materials, and got paid, plus a bonus for the unfortunate interruption by the other team.

So much for the “milk run”


Hedron Hedron

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