Manhattan Shadows

That's all folks

Connecting JackPoint VPN
… Matrix Access ID Spoofed.
… Encryption Keys Generated.
… Connected to Onion Routers.
> Login
> Enter Passcode
… Biometric Scan Confirmed.
Connected to <error:>

After taking a short breather to workout if the airship was going to fall out of the sky, you returned to your cabin with the captured ninja, where after administering some gamma scopaline to him, you proceeded to interrogate him.

After a few non-answers, you got out of him who he was working for, and where the chain of the compass was heading for. After finishing your questions, you handed him over to the leaders of Karavan, who lent you a fast off-road buggy to get to Ashgabat airport to attempt to get to Neo-Tokyo ahead of the ninjas.

You purchased a fast Gulfstream (with full services, as Wraith found out), and with some (grudgingly accepted) help from Trencher, you managed to beat the ninja to Tokyo. After hitching a cab ride (who carefully did not note the small arsenal some of you carry), you made it to the private airfield of Yakashima Corp, where you knocked out and tied up the driver for the Hyundai SiegeMaster™ that was there to pick up the ninja.

Dressing and disguising Bobby as the driver, Wraith and M.C. hid themselves in the truck, and after the ninja got in, a brief discussion over what to do ensured.

Once you had figured out the best ambush alley, Bobby drove the truck, with Khellian and Trencher following on a pair of monocycles.

In the chosen alley, you set your ambush, and everything went exceedingly well, until Trencher’s misaimed flashbang went ricocheting off the truck into the sky, alerting the local authorities. Luckily, it was not a issue, as Khellian’s Orgy spell knocked the ninja (dressed in smart suits, no need for armor on a return home) to their collective “knees”, Wraith had them stripped and tied up, whilst the others loaded in the monocycles.

A quick Matrix search got the team a C260 back to SeaTac, along with their souped up battletruck, where they collected payment from Ehran, before arranging much cheaper transport back to Karavan, where Bobby started to learn how to run a tribe, Kellian and M.C became part of the “wise ones” and Wraith and Trencher took up enforcement roles.

The End……?


Hedron Hedron

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