Manhattan Shadows


Block War

After a good week off after stealing Starry Night, you received a call over your commlinks.

“Meet at 5pm, Carson Place Hotel, Conference Room 6.”

Curiosity peaked, you journeyed onto the isle of Manhattan, and entered the Hotel. Going up the stairs to the second floor, and entering the conference room, you were greeted by a odd sight. Sitting at the head of the table is a young dwarf girl, no more than thirteen, wearing a bright pink dress.

“Come in and sit please” she says “My daddy will be here in a minute”

Sitting at the table and looking around at some of the anachronistic furniture, including a dry-erase whiteboard. Sure enough, no more than five minutes later, an over-weight dwarf enters the room, carrying a pair of Chinese take away bags. Giving one to the young girl, he introduces himself as Klubbs, and his daughter as Cheli.

The job seems simple. Probably too simple, after you have a think. You are to break into Ignesys, a medium-sized business that develops front-end interfaces for various Matrix programs, then prank them. Some things that their client wants to see: foam in the fire system, then have it activate at 10am, put laxatives into the water cooler, TP the managers offices, and anything else to cause mischief, but not anything to disrupt them so they lose money.

After a quick recon of the offices by Bobby, posing as a reporter from a “nothing” farming journal looking into innovations for their market led to a few more ideas for pranks. Taking a short time to collect some stuff, Wraith hid out in the office, and after, in concert with Bobby, got rid of the last employee who was staying back playing some game, opened the doors for the others, and they got to work.

Feeling pleased with themselves, they left the office, and watched the office using some micro-cameras left there, amused by the office workers antics as the laxatives and thermostat tweaking made things more and more uncomfortable, and when the fire sprinklers went off dousing the place in semi-fluorescent foam, summoning the fire brigade, you left the scene.

After a short call from Klubbs, you returned to the hotel, and found Klubbs under guard from six large orcs. Seated either side of Klubbs are a youngish man and an older man, and you recognise the younger as Gary Deltona, someone you recently worked for. The two new Johnsons, pay you off, and tell everyone present that no one is to accept any further jobs for “pranks” against Ignensys or Chelsey (the other party in the prank war).

You agree, enjoy a meal with Klubbs and Cheli after the Johnsons leave, and head back to your homes, thinking the job is over.

Early the next morning, you get a call from Cheli, who is really upset. You don’t make out much, apart from “daddy’s dead” and an address. Arriving at the location, you find Cheli kneeling over her father’s body, which, apart from the two pistol rounds has had it’s neck broken. Bobby called NYPD Inc., who sent a patrol car, then after seeing that there actually was a body, called in a detective. MC took care of Cheli, whist the others tried to work out what happened. Shortly after MC left with Cheli, to get her things and take her to the brownstone safehouse in Queens.

Not too long after, you received a pair of comm calls, one from Deltona, one from the other Johnson. Both want you to steal a trophy from Ignensys and return it to Chelsey. Deltona also wants you to leave a “salt shaker” in it’s place, whilst the older Johnson was going to do something later. The older Johnson, did however, offer some access cards to get into the various offices.

Accepting the jobs, the team stole the trophy from Ignensys and left the beautiful salt shaker, and headed across the road to Chelsey. There you got into some trouble, as a team of runners was there, who opened up on the team immediately. After a short but intense battle, where Weisse went down from a full auto blast from a Doberman drone, but no before killing a troll with his bare hands.

After a bit of healing, the team explored the offices of Chelsey searching for explosives after they found some demolition tools on the dead opposing forces. Unfortunately, they failed to spot a laser beam that detonated a series of high explosive charges that nearly killed MC and Weisse (again). Leaving the trophy on a pile of rubble, the team quickly left, especially as the noise of sirens was getting steadily louder.

Returning to the brownstone, they found that MC had given over Cheli to Ieto Hong, and in exchange received a Eurocar Westwind 3000. Convincing the others that it was a good thing, the team retired to their homes to rest and recover.

6 karma
total of 6,500 credits
+1 Street cred
+1 Notoriety


Hedron Hedron

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